Choice of Elevator Type for your need will change According to hoist mechanism, According to building height, According to building type, According to elevator Location, According to Special uses.

As the height of the Buildings keep rising we at OTIS has a long history of meeting new challenges with ongoing innovations and technology changes .While there is a wide range of elevators to fit every need, they fall under three basic types: gearless traction, geared traction and machine-room less.

Passenger & Service Elevator

When combined with OTIS’ Compass  Destination Management system,  Skyrise transports passengers to  their destinations up to 55 percent faster. Passengers simply enter their destination floor to receive an elevator  assignment for the fastest, most  direct and least crowded route to  their destination.

Freight & Car

As a matured product, FOVF heavy duty elevator absorbs OTIS advanced design technology and fully utilizes the OTIS’s advanced designing process-PDP process. Through its stability and flexibility, FOVF not only can be used for warehouse and factories, but also could meet the requirnments of high usage intensity location.

Observation Type

Modern architectural critics are praising construction as “The Solidification Music” and then the panoramic elevator could be the “Flowing Music”. Today, OTIS gives new individuality to Panoramic Elevator.

Home Elevators

Home elevator has been working in active as transfer means for the aged and the disabled. Recently, it started that home elevator is used for all families to live with sense fho f one story house. Home elevator. It is not only making easy to transfer but also change all families life comfortable.

Elevator Aesthetics

The OTIS elevator aesthetics is the result of a comprehensive market research program convinced to satisfy the needs of customers and the aspirations of passengers.

An elevator car convinced by us is designed for you